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Meet Bindhu, Shishu Mandir’s first lady driver

People of Shishu: Bindhu

Bindhu is the first female student at the Shishu Mandir Driving School. A single mother, she worked in the garments factory and raised her two daughters. When her older daughter turned 19 and started working at a call centre, Bindhu made a brave decision to quit her job and join our driving school. She felt driving was a skill which would help her earn a better income.

After she successfully completed the 40 hours training Bindhu secured a valid driving license for light motor vehicles. We hired her as a driver for our school and she is the one who responds to calls about abandoned babies and brings them to us. She is tasked with driving the babies who come for adoption to the hospital as needed and is extremely proud of being given this job.

For Bindhu, being a driver has meant overcoming her own fear of driving, overcoming resistance to work, fighting societal opinions and perceptions about what a woman can do. Today, when she sits behind the wheel, she is a happy, confident and independent working woman, who has earned the admiration and respect of her community.

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