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There are over 1,000 migrants living in huts with no access to electricity. They come here in large numbers and live in plastic-covered houses. There are no street lights, where they live. So we launched a solar lights project. Each home was given a solar light, which also comes with charging ports for their mobile phones. This has also brought a saving, as otherwise the cost of charging their mobile phones was Rs 10 per day, which at two phones per family and a single charging of a day still came up to Rs 600 a month.


This saving aside, the solar light project allowed us to engage with these families and ensure that their children attend school. The lights come with three settings for brightness allowing families to use the brightest option to cook, eat, and study, and the dimmer options as a night lamp. 

The project has been supported by Schneider Electric who have sponsored the lights (each light costs Rs 2,000). The project has been ongoing for 10 years and 4,000 lights have been distributed as of 2023. 


We have been encouraging our children to plant trees. Every child is tasked with planting a sapling in their neighbourhood and caring for it. We also undertook a massive tree planting exercise with our playground, where 300 saplings were planted around it.

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