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The women’s self help groups are key to community impact. We have created these groups so that women have an opportunity to stabilise their family’s finances, while having the support system they need. We train them in finances and accounts, in grooming and hygiene, in accessing banks and government schemes, and most importantly, about their rights. We have been actively trying to eradicate child marriage in these villages and are working to end wife beating.


In April 2022, we launched our E-Auto project. 5 electric autos were received from Atos Global IT Solutions in collaboration with Rotary. The autos were given to eligible women and transgenders who have been able to use it to earn a livelihood. It has been an extremely popular and significant project as the impact has been almost immediate. In addition to enabling higher income, it has given the women confidence and independence to support themselves and their families. As of 2023, 17 autos have been received. 

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