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The Shishu Mandir Children’s Home is the beating heart of the organisation. It is from here that the journey of Shishu Mandir began. It has been - and remains - a place of security and safety for the poorest and most vulnerable children in our community. 


Our Children’s Home is for girls with a maximum occupancy of 30 at any given time. There are three units. Each unit has eight children of mixed age groups with one Housemother. Each unit functions like a family in that they share a common room, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and a room for the Housemother. All the units come together as one big family for meals. 

As per law children are admitted to the Home after the age of 6. They stay with us, until they complete their higher education and are independent. Some may choose to move closer to their colleges, in which instance Shishu Mandir remains their guardian, fulfilling all responsibilities towards them, as a family would.

Our Children’s Home runs all 365 days of the year. This is because we recognise that these children have been admitted, because their family circumstances are not conducive. Some of the children have lost one or both parents, some come from broken families, or extremely poor families, where even a daily meal can be a challenge. Our children can choose to visit their parents or families, depending on how comfortable or safe they feel there. There is no expectation that they should return to their families for holidays.


When a vacancy opens up in the Home, our social workers produce a list of children who would benefit from living here. The Home Working Committee studies every case to make the decision. Preference is given to the poorest children, orphans, children without mothers and families with many children. 


As per law every child admitted to the Home is approved by the Child Welfare Committee of the Government of India. Every 6 months, we submit a progress report to the Committee. 


We go beyond the legal requirements to support the families of these children, emotionally and economically so that they are able to rise above their poverty. 


The children stay in the Home until they are 18 years old. We support them with accommodation at paid hostels if they are studying further. During holidays and vacation Shishu Home remains open to them. 


We have partnered with the Lions Ladies' Club for a hostel for girls. This hostel accommodates a further 25 students from our school. Unlike our Home, this hostel has 1 Housemother for 25 children, and is closed during holidays. Children staying here return home or come to the Shishu Home at that time. The hostel serves evening meals to the children, while we take care of all other meals and facilities for them. 

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